Rules and objectives


  • Registration is online and 40 to 50 bands will be selected to participate. 
  • Participation fee is 8.500 ISK in 2019. Registration is not valid unless the payment is received before deadline. It is important to put the name of the artist/band as an explanation in the note of payment online.
  • In the semi-finals each band plays two original compositions. The total time of the two can not exceed 10 minutes. In the semi-finals the jury and the audience pick one band each to play in the finals. In the finals each band plays three originals. It is not mandatory to play the same two compositions played in the semi-finals. The total time of the three compositions should not exceed 15 minutes.
  • Note that when all semi-finals are finished, the jury can pick extra bands to play in the finals, despite not being picked originally in the semi-finals. This will be announced when all semi-finals are finished and bands will then be contacted.
  • In the finals, the jury selects all the winners, but the audience picks the band of the people.
  • IME is intended for young people aged 13-25 residing in Iceland.
  • The IME committe reserves the right to reject bands of participation if:
    • -The demo fails the absolute minimum music requirements for the competition.
    • -The music is obnoxiously obscene and hurting.
    • -The entry fee has not been paid before the stated time.
  • 40-50 bands can participate in IME each year.
  • A special committee will then approve applications that meet entry requirements of the trials.
  • Note that the use of alcohol and other drugs is strictly prohibited in IME. If participants are found breaking this rule they are immediately dismissed.
  • If something comes up e.g. a band is planning to cancel, it must be informed immediately.

The objectives of IME are to:

  • -Give young Icelandic bands and musicians a chance to get their music across to an audience.
  • -Create a platform for music lovers to monitor promising young bands and musicians.
  • -Encourage media to discuss and present young musicians and their music.
  • -Encourage composers to write lyrics in Icelandic.